2018 Annual Meeting & Fundraiser

Saturday September 15, 2018

Penn Station Hall in Arthur, IL

ILDFA provides educational opportunities for our members through the

sharing of informative information and experience to educate the general 

public and others about the growing cervid industry. Also, through our

lobbyist at our state capital in Springfield, we have a collective voice in

 the issues that may affect our cervid industry. The ILDFA always puts forth

 the promotion of the highest ethical standards in the care, handling, and harvesting of Illinois’s cervids.  We insist that our members operate legal,

 honest, and forthright operations in conjunction with state and federal laws, fellow members, cervid producers and the general public.The ILDFA will

continue to work diligently to improve our great cervid industry within our

state and beyond. We will do our best to expand opportunities’ for our members to prosper in the future for a bigger and better industry . Pass the word on that the ILDFA is not just a great association to be a member of but is a extended family of friends with one important thing in common - cervid. Don't waste a single minute, come join our family today and become a member of the ILDFA today.

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